First of all – we're not angry :) | Angry Ant Web Design

First of all – we're not angry :)

Angry Ant Wagga web design and marketingWhat's with the name?

We subscribe to the idea that effective branding and marketing needs to stand out amongst the crowd, disrupt the saturatured advertising market, be noticed, and most importantly be remembered when a potential prospect is making buying decisions.  So many years ago, we decided to create a unique and memorable name (Angry Ant) for a web design and digital marketing agency that creates enough curiosity that people remember our brand.  We follow this up with a weird box-like company car and other brand assets that stand out amongst the crowd.  If branding isn't noticed then why do it all?

Why we turn up to work.

It's simple and a little cliché but we love what we do.  Some people are passionate about cars, sport, fashion, even collecting stamps.  For us, it's websites and branding.  With a combined 25yrs+ in the web industry, we live and breath this stuff.  When we're not building web sites, we're reading books about emerging digital marketing trends, listening to web design and digital marketing podcasts, or riding bikes around the trails of Wagga Wagga while we debate where the web design and digital marketing industries are headed next.

Why we offer free consultation.

We do enjoy a good coffee, and are always happy to offer some honest digital marketing advice on how you could improve your website design and strategy.  No strings attached.  No hard sells.  No obligation to use our services. 

We believe in building long-term relationships and are happy to have a conversation regardless of whether you choose to use our services.  Being helpful and approachable is part of our brand (and our personality).  Feel free to contact us if you'd like to pick our brains or not sure what you need.


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Liam O'Neill

Designer / Owner
Brand builder | Social media | Digital marketing | Custom web design | Conversion & analytics
BA (Graphic Design) / BA (Multimedia)

Kirby Obudzinski

Copywriting & Social Media
Client manager | Social media | Shopify

Matt Beaver

Photography & E-commerce
Content creator | Photography & Video | Social media | Storyteller | Shopify | Digital marketing | Conversion & analytics
BA (TV / Film production)

Katie O'Neill

Account Manager
Client manager | Xero accounting
B.Bus (Marketing)